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Back Alley Beauty

Does most of your gardening attention go to the front of your home? I like my front walk to be beautiful. Right now I have creeping veronica, candytuft, ice plant and pansies in bloom bordering my front walk. But I go in and out of my home via my back door most of the time, since we park in our driveway off the alley. So I like my alley entrance to be beautiful as well – just for me. Every time I have come in or out of the alley in the past week, I have remarked on the beauty of my iris. Several years ago I thinned out iris that were getting crowded elsewhere in my yard and moved the extras to the alley. They are beautiful with very little care and no supplemental watering. This year the iris in my back alley are blooming better than the ones up front.back alley

I like a beautiful back entrance, because my garden isn’t just for show, for those walking by my house, or visiting through the front door. My garden is an expression of me, and I want that expression to be consistent – that I present myself the same way to everyone – front or back door. I don’t put on a different face for show than for regular life.

So this week, notice what greets you in your garden, on your regular route in and out of your house. And put something in that area that makes you smile. Whether it is a pot of flowers by your back door, a special perennial near a side door, or welcoming flowers at your front door. Beauty can greet you at every turn.

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