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Welcome to my urban garden in Denver. 

I grew up in Seattle, the land where everything either grows or mildews. It is a forgiving climate for gardening. When I moved to Denver, I tried to recreate Eden in the image of Seattle gardening and it was wildly unsuccessful. But I have adapted and now I embrace the vagaries of wind, hail, sun, little rain (except in intense downpours in the summer), and alternating cold and warm in the winter.

While my gardening is informed by the climate in which I live, it is also informed by my belief that God created me and my garden and that part of being created in his image means that I have creative gifts to offer. So gardening and being outdoors is good for my soul. I also think that we are seasonal creatures, although modern life tries to remove us from the natural rhythm of the world, so I will explore seasons of the garden and seasons of the soul.

I have had 2 gardens in Denver (and 2 homes). The first was a 1905 bungalow with a patch of lawn, some trees and some juniper bushes. During my 10 years of living there, it was transformed to a small oasis. I am happy that the next owner of the home has improved on the garden that I started.

My current garden surrounds a 1927 bungalow. I’ve been gardening here for 15 years and will explore some of the progress and experiments on these pages.

Unless otherwise noted, all content is copyrighted © Carla Foote 2010.

A great place to contemplate the next garden project.

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  1. Hey Carla! Saw this magazine and thought it might be a good fit for your content. Not sure if you already have seen them, but I thought I’d pass it along. http://zone4magazine.com/


    | Reply Posted 10 years, 5 months ago
    • Didn’t know this magazine but glad to see something else for our zone. Of course, I grew up on Sunset magazine, so I always turn to them for ideas as well.

      | Reply Posted 10 years, 5 months ago

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