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Dig Deep

Weeding is the essential and unglamorous part of gardening. Hard core weeding means digging deep to get to all the roots. Last weekend I put a lot of energy into digging deep in the back section of my yard, in an area where the weed infestation has been serious. I have been unsure about how I want to use this area of the garden, but I know that getting rid of the weeds is the first step.

My friend Mary Lou calls this type of weed the “cancer” of the garden. It is tempting to dig shallow and just get the spidery roots; but lurking deep beneath the surface is a thick root that sustains the growth of this weed.weed roots

Since this area has been so problematic for me, I have decided to just plant flower seeds this summer. I don’t want to invest in any shrubs or perennials until I get the weeds under control, because it is harder to dig deep once new plants are established. I am also wondering if I should return this patch of garden to vegetable production. I’m not sure that I am committed to watering enough to grow vegetables here, so in the meanwhile, I will fill in with a variety of flower seeds. I am waiting a few weeks to plant my flower seeds, because the soil needs to warm up (the forecast is for 30 degrees tonight), and I want to do one more round of digging weed sprouts before I plant.bare earthseeds

I am somewhat fatalistic about my battle with weeds. I feel like I will never truly eradicate them, but at this point in the spring, the clear, bare earth makes me optimistic. However, once this sunny garden spot hits midsummer, I am less enthusiastic about digging weeds in the heat, and they often claim victory. I’ll post pictures either way. I should have done a “before” picture of my weed patch. Take my word for it, it was completely covered with weeds!

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