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Hardy Bulbs

Crocuses look so delicate, but their small leaves poke up through snow and their short stems resist breaking under normal spring snows. The rain and snow that we had yesterday was perfect for watering the ground deeply. This morning, under the bright sun, the snow gave way to lovely purple blossoms.crocus

I plant crocuses right next to the sidewalk in order to spread cheer to all those walking by. I have other bulbs scattered through my garden, but crocuses are so small and easily overlooked, they are best in a prominent location.

Spring is a very up-and-down season in Colorado. I call it weather whiplash. We go from warm sunshine to snow in just a few hours, then back again. Most of this variation isn’t too hard on the plants, unless we get extreme low temperatures. My forsythia isn’t looking very promising right now. It normally blooms in mid-late March. And it may bloom, but I watching it carefully. The -11 degree temperatures in February were harsh and it doesn’t look like the buds are forming. Maybe I am wrong and I will still get bright yellow blossoms. No guarantees in Colorado gardening.

Meanwhile – I am on the lookout for crocuses and other bulbs as I walk through the neighborhood. Last week I was at the Denver Botanic Gardens and admired their early bulbs – crocuses and snowdrops.

Get outside – spring is coming – in between snowstorms.

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