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Winter: Watching and Waiting

When I left the house early this morning I wasn’t in a contemplative mood. I was task-oriented, on this the first day of winter, with a list to be accomplished. Since I hate traffic and crowds, I ventured out early, even though I wanted to linger in my bathrobe with another cup of tea. I had to scrape ice off the car because I hadn’t parked it in the carport.

As I drove along the creek and greenway, the frozen fog cast the trees and bushes in a magical glow, even here in the midst of the city. I was intent on getting to the store; but I slowed and looked at the wonder of nature. I thought about stopping for a picture, but didn’t want to get off task.frost on evergreen2

Fortunately the crystallized branches still beckoned on my way home, and I pulled over, parked my car, got out and walked around a small park, looking at the beauty of the moment. I wished that I was a better photographer, as I snapped some pictures on my phone/camera. But I knew that the beauty and magic of the frozen moment was more significant than any picture might convey. The significance of the moment wasn’t something I could capture in a picture. Rather it was the act of stopping and looking, of pausing, of seeing. Of putting aside the list and the tasks for long enough to observe and breathe.

We have to look harder in the winter, the moments of light are shorter, but the wonder is there if we have eyes to see.winter shrub w frost