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Hoping for Spring

It’s March, and soon we will be shifting from thinking about gardening to actually gardening. And my garden blog will go from dormant to more active as well. Definitely a season of hope – and since we had such a great moist snow in Denver last weekend, I am more hopeful for something other than brown this spring. As the snow has slowly melted into the earth, my pansies are looking happy and moist, and I’m sure there are some early bulbs that will start poking out of the ground in the next few days, encouraged by the moisture and the warm sun.

Meanwhile, the bulbs that I forced indoors during the winter are blooming and reminding me that spring is near. forced daffodilsI crowded bulbs into pots in November, watered them and put them in plastic bags in the back of my refrigerator. Over Christmas, I had to move a couple of pots out of the fridge to make room for seasonal food, but I put them in the cold garage. I pulled the bulbs out of the fridge in February and I have been enjoying a succession of blooms for several weeks now.

About the same time I was pulling my bulbs out of the fridge, there were forced bulbs on sale in the grocery store and nurseries. I had to stop and wonder if it was worth the effort of forcing them myself, or if I should just buy the pre-potted blooms when I need a winter pick-me-up? But I have to say, part of being a gardener is finding satisfaction in doing the activity myself, not just outsourcing the work. That’s why I dream, plan, dig, weed, coax and celebrate blooms. Because I was created by a God who is Creator, and in his image, so I love creating as well. Perhaps that is a good thought for spring, that in some small ways, my creative efforts will reflect the beauty of the Creator.