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Saying Goodbye to the Season

I intentionally wandered through the flower gardens in the park near my home this week. Enjoying the colors, light, sun and culmination of the blooms that have been putting on a magnificent show all summer. I called this my “goodbye flowers” walk. While I was strolling through the flowers, I bumped into a friend of mine who was also enjoying the flowers and saying goodbye. Another woman overheard us and pressed us for more information, “Will the blossoms really die so quickly?” ¬†She obviously had not spent many seasons in Colorado. She wanted to stop the clock and deny the change.

Butterfly enjoying the last sips of nectar.

Butterfly enjoying the last sips of nectar.

There are two ways we can live with the seasons and passage of time. Regret is one choice. I can regret the coming of cold weather, regret last night’s 28 degree low temperature, regret the dying off of summer annuals.

Or I can embrace the season. Celebrating the beauty that was, and looking for the wonder in the now – in the rich colors of autumn, in the low angle of the sun that highlights these colors, in the need for a blanket at night and grasping of the hot tea cup in the morning. Knowing that the dying of the summer plants adds nourishment to the soil as it rests in the off-season.fall flowers WP