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Undisciplined Growth

My front yard is full of blooms right now. Salvia and several varieties of penstemons create tall spikes of purples, blues and pinks. Coneflowers are getting ready to bloom in the next week or two. In front of the display (theoretically) are verbena and candytuft. Except that over the years, the salvia, penstemon and coneflowers have spread via volunteers, and now there are tall spikes in front of the verbena, and crowding up to the edge of the walkway. If I were a more disciplined gardener, I would pull up the offending plants and exert discipline in my garden, to keep the tall plants in back and the border plants in front. I know this in theory, but I have trouble digging up healthy plants, so I wait.undisciplined blooms

Right now, I have said that I will wait until the plants are done flowering, then I will reshape some of the perennial bed. This is a great idea, but I think I said the same thing last year, and then I never followed through with tough love on the offending plants. Maybe if I had a good place to move the flowers, it would help, but I am definitely running out of space in my garden.

Does anyone want some salvia and penstemon? They are great low-water perennials, free to a good home. They have been loved by their previous gardener, but might need a bit more discipline.

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