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Entry Impact

In urban gardens, first impressions are important. Since our spaces are small, the impact of a few strategically places flowers or shrubs by the entryway can make a great welcome. Last weekend, I enjoyed walking around the Georgetown neighborhood in Washington DC, seeing what urban gardeners there did with the few feet of space they have between the sidewalk and their front door or gate.

Strategically placed pots are an important part of the entry impact. Also, repetition and simplicity are striking, as seen in the square pots with metal flashing and purple ribbon.gt_mar_2013_4

The difficulty of a small space is that it is hard to plant a progression of color, as you can do in a larger perennial garden. However, a few strategically placed grouping of annuals that are updated for the spring, summer and fall seasons, can add interest to a small space.gt_mar_2013_2gt_mar_2013

Learning how to have impact in a small space will also be helpful for those of us in Colorado who are facing watering restrictions this year. A large pot with a few bright flowers may be a better investment of water, than spreading annuals throughout your landscape.gt_mar_2013_3

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