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Celebrate “bad” weather

It is a gray Friday morning, launching the first weekend of spring and the weather forecast is for rain and snow this weekend. Sounds gloomy for those of us who are gardeners and want to be out digging and getting the garden ready for spring. But we should celebrate the weather – because here in Colorado we desperately need the moisture. I was up in Summit County cross-country skiing this week and was saddened by how little snow was on the ground, snow that would fill Dillon Reservoir for our summer water supply. The water departments are considering restrictions for the summer. For all these reasons, a weekend of rain and snow is the best thing possible for our gardens. march pansies

I did snap a few pictures of spring blooms in my garden earlier this week – pansies and dwarf iris. If we get the predicted snow, the dwarf iris will probably be done with their blooming, but the pansies will emerge again from a blanket of snow to keep blooming until it gets too hot and dry. I planted the pansies last fall and they came back nicely this spring. You can also plant pansies this spring, or just put a few in pots on your porch to enjoy for the next few months. The dwarf iris are along my sidewalk and I love how bright they are and how they are different from the usual crocuses, tulips and daffodils. I have planted more each year to fill in spaces in my garden. Also, since they are short, they are less likely to get broken by snow, although the ones that have been blooming for a couple of weeks will probably be finished off by the snow.march iris

If you want an indoor gardening project this weekend – making Easter baskets from live plants is fun and the nurseries will be glad for your business on a cold weekend. You can see pictures and read about my baskets in a post from a couple of years ago.  I was inspired by memories of my mom’s Easter basket she would make for a centerpiece, usually just digging some plants out of her yard to put in a basket, then replanting the next week.

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