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Water Now!

While it is off-season for gardening and for my garden blog – this weekend is a great time to give your trees and shrubs a drink of water. We have had so little moisture this winter, the small skiff of snow that was so pretty on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day did little to moisten our dry soil. And that was more than a month ago. With daytime temperatures in the 50’s, it is a great time to drip water slowly around trees and shrubs.

Normally this is also a great time to plan and dream about the coming garden season, but I have to say that the dry weather has me discouraged. If we are truly in another drought phase, then it will not be a good year for new planting, because even low-water perennials and shrubs need more water the first season or two to get settled in well. I am also worried about the perennials and new rose bushes I planted last year. Even though they are hardy varieties, they are not desert plants. Of course, water for landscaping is a bit of a luxury. I was reading in the paper today about the high cost of hay for ranchers due to the drought, and that affects more than just beauty, it affects their business.

I would love it if we received some winter and spring snowstorms to increase our soil moisture, not to mention the beauty of covering our brown dirt with white snow. There is a little snow in the forecast for Tuesday, but I am skeptical. While our warm, dry weather has been great for hiking this winter, it may hurt us in the coming growing season. So water on a warm day and hope for snow!

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