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Still Thankful and Brown

I started the month of November on a search for color, to counteract the seasonal brown that overtakes our landscape this season. Now that November is winding down, I’ve decided I am ok with the calm and quiet of muted colors. The colors I noted on my last post – the pansies, Oregon grape berries and hawthorn berries are still evident in my yard, but the brown-ness seems stronger. I even painted our bedroom a color on the brown palette last weekend. The paint store calls it “Yosemite Sand” but it looks like cafe-au-lait to me, a calm, soothing color – light brown.

I have also decided that I’ll keep the fall colors around in my interior decor for another week. While some of my neighbors already have Christmas trees up and wreaths hung, I still have my Thanksgiving arrangement on the side table in the living room. Maybe it’s because I was so slow to put up the decorations, that now they deserve another week of display. But maybe it’s because I want to slow down my pace, to stay in the Thanksgiving part of my soul for another week.

Staying Thankful

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas and soon I will have fresh evergreens adorning my mantle and a wreath on the door.  The Christmas cactus that a friend gave me will move into a more prominent display, along with some cyclamen, to replace the Thanksgiving browns.

It may sound corny, but I really do want to continue to cultivate a spirit of Thanksgiving in my soul. I know we all say that, but I want to live that way. In November, and December, and all the way through. In the green months and in the brown months. In the dark days and in the light.

If you stopped by my blog for more practical gardening and less philosophy – then my words to you are plant bulbs and water. Your trees and shrubs will be thankful for water, since we are so lacking in moisture this season. Since the ground is still tillable and warm in Colorado, you can plant bulbs – and you will be thankful for them in the spring. And you can also force bulbs for indoor blooms. I use the back of the refrigerator method — I started several pots 2 weeks ago with bulbs, potting soil, water in a Ziploc bag in the back corner of the fridge. I will pull them out in 12 weeks for spring color.

Crowd bulbs in the pots, straighten to point root end down and cover with potting soil, then moisten.

So be thankful for all the colors in the palette, including brown, and celebrate both November and December.

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