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Now vs. Next

I was walking in the park this evening with a friend and we remarked that it was starting to feel like fall, and that made us happy. We’ve had enough of hot days and blazing sun. There were acorns and crabapples on the ground, reminders that the season will be changing from summer to fall soon. I enjoy anticipating the next season, but I also know I need to balance looking forward to the next with contentment in the now. In the garden, and in life, it’s easy to always be looking forward to the next, without settling into the now. I want to savor the now moments in the garden, the brilliant blooms, the sweet cherry tomatoes, the bees buzzing and the sun that is still warming the soil. I enjoyed sitting on the patio after my walk, grilling some dinner and chatting with my husband, and admiring the miniature roses that are on their second bloom. Soon enough we will be indoors more, having dinner in the waning daylight.

Fall is also a great time in the garden, but I don’t want to wish away summer, just because the 57 days over 90 degrees have wilted my enthusiasm for working outside. I want to fully live today and enjoy what I can from the now. Then I can fully enjoy tomorrow when it comes.

Wine Bottles Vases from Arbor

Here’s a great idea for right now in the garden, if you are having a late-summer party. Hang wine bottles from an arbor or fence and use them as vases. These dahlias are hanging under a grape arbor at the wedding reception for our friends Todd and Ursula in early August in the Puget Sound area. A lovely way to add casual elegance to a summer evening. Enjoy all those blossoms now, because in the next season, there will be fewer of them!

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