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Fresh Air and Reality

I arrived back at my urban garden home this afternoon, after spending 4 days in the biosphere. That’s my name for a hotel/convention complex where all life is under the glass atrium and there is no need to go outside into the 100 degree southern air. I was thirsty for fresh air when I got home, so even though I normally prefer walking before the heat of the day, I headed out, breathing deeply and walking briskly to get oxygen through my system. While I was breathing fresh air and feeling a drip of sweat form on my neck and trickle down my back, I enjoyed the August flowers. Real flowers, not perfectly tended by a hotel fleet of gardeners, but sprouting from real dirt planted by people who probably are hopeful but not expert with their gardening, just like me.

I breathed in the scent of a sweet white rose, on its second bloom this summer. I enjoyed the black-eyed susans down the street, a plant that I have tried multiple times with no success. Before I went back into my cool house (cool not from air conditioning but from careful management of which shades and windows we open, and the blessing of large shade trees), I stood at the tomato plant and popped cherry tomatoes into my mouth, one after another, enjoying the sweet flavor of real sunshine, soil and water, not hydroponic factories. Home, in my lovely, weedy, bloom-filled, real urban garden. After I cool off from my walk, maybe I’ll go back out to the porch and sip ice tea and breathe more real air.

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