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Sale Season

I picked up a pair of miniature rose bushes on the discount table at the grocery story today. There were other plants marked down, including some mums and more roses. I selected the two healthiest-looking plants, judging mostly by the fresh light-green new growth on the plants. All of them had wilted flowers, but the foliage looked healthy and the new growth was promising. I will plant these next to my patio where I have quite a few other miniature roses. I don’t expect them to necessarily bloom again this year, but they have several months to develop good solid roots before winter, so they should bloom nicely next spring.

Miniature Roses on Sale

What to look for on sale plants:

  • Reputation – I don’t buy sale plants from discounters where the plants are often neglected. The small floral department at my grocery store is staffed and plants are usually well watered and cared for. For perennials, I shop the sales at local nurseries rather than big box stores.
  • Roots are the most important, but often hard to judge. You can try to slip the plant out of the pot to check the roots and make sure they are not dried out. You can also select plants that have hardy roots, such as day lilies. Several years ago I bought several day lilies on the sale table at a nursery and they have performed well.
  • Risk – not every plant will survive, but if the price is right, you might decide to risk it and go ahead. I bought 2 miniature roses for $2.99 each. If only one of them survives, then I still have a reasonable price for a plant that can live for many years in my garden.

It is also harvest season – the peaches are earlier than ever this year. And we have a great harvest. I made 3 batches of peach salsa to share, my daughter made peach soup today and we will make a pie and freeze some for a taste of summer in the winter. The peaches are small because I didn’t thin enough. I am always a bit indecisive with thinning because the squirrels take so many off the tree in their own thinning project. But the flavor is lovely. We didn’t have any peaches last year, so the fresh tasting peaches are an extra treat this year!

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