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Bright green suckers at the base of my Siberian Elm

Since it was less than 80 degrees when I got home from work last night, I finally got out into the garden to do a few chores. First on my list was taking care of the suckers that grow out of the roots of our Siberian Elm tree. Not only are they invasive in the garden and unkempt-looking, they are actually detrimental to the health of the tree. Suckers divert energy from the growth of the main tree. So periodically throughout the growing season, I cut back suckers from my trees. The Siberian Elm and Hawthorne seem particularly inclined toward suckers. My Ash tree doesn’t seem to exhibit this bad habit.

When a tree has all its energy focused on growing the main trunk, it will grow strong. When energy is dissipated through multiple suckers popping up all over the yard, the tree is weakened. As I pay attention to my own soul, and prune out distractions, extraneous activity and areas that are okay but not the best, I am strengthening my core.

The trimming of suckers is not a one-and-done garden activity. Throughout the growing season, I have to trim suckers about once a month. And every year, I have to repeat the trimming, over and over again. Suckers are aggressive and don’t get discouraged by my repeated pruning. Next month, I will be out pruning them again. And again. And again.

Soul distractions are also ubiquitous in our hyper-active culture. There is always some interesting possibility to distract me from my main purpose, competing for energy. Sometimes I am timid with the clippers, not wanting to trim the bright green fresh growth, until everything looks weedy and jumbled.

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