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I took a break from my urban garden last weekend to head to the mountains for some camping. Fortunately we decided to go to southern Colorado, rather than northern. While my husband fished, I looked at wildflowers in God’s garden. There were some wild iris scattered along the banks of the South Platte river in Eleven Mile Canyon. We also saw a field of wild iris nearby. Mountain wildflowers are dependent on snow melt, rain and streams for their sustenance, all of which are a bit sparse this year. However, coming back from the southern mountains and hearing of the fire in the northern mountains made me sad for the dry earth and for those who live in the fire zone.

Wild Iris near Lake George, Colorado

I came home to lovely flowers in my own yard, and also quite a few weeds and perennials that need to be deadheaded and trimmed. I am curious this year if we will get repeat blooms on some perennials that bloomed early due to the warmth this year – hopefully. But considering the alternatives of hail and fire, I’ll enjoy each blossom for as long as I can.

Wild Iris by South Platte River in Eleven Mile Canyon, Colorado

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  1. * Karen says:

    Gorgeous photos Carla! I love the blue of the river and the purple iris.

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 8 months ago
  2. * Kathy Skipton says:


    Loved your pictures and isn’t it a shame now Lake George is in danger of fire. It is so sad that we don’t get rain to help all those in the fire danger zones. Glad you had time in the mountains. Just finished entertaining my nephew’s family here in Denver. My great nieces 7 & 4 wore me out. KS

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 8 months ago

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