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Adding to the Color Palette

My front garden was suffering from an overabundance of purples, pinks and lavender, so I decided to make an effort to add some yellow to the front. I also needed some blooms that went throughout the summer, not just in May/June. So I’ve added yellow accents to my front yard. Last fall I planted coreopsis, which is easy to grow and long-blooming, to fill in a sunny spot that is on the edge of my watering zone.


This spring I added yarrow in front of my porch, but since it will take a season or two to fill out, I also planted marigolds in front of the yarrow and white cosmos in back. The annuals will make the flower bed look full this year, and I can probably skip them next year as the yarrow fills in. I also have a yellow variety of blanket flower as a bright spot in the front of my yard. These yellow spots provide a nice contrast to the purples of the salvia, the pinks of ice plant and the lavender of my penstomen and fleabane. I also have yellow pansies which I enjoy in the cooler months. Right now the pansies are starting to look peaked from the heat, but I planted some white petunias around the pansies, so as the pansies die back, there will be petunias filling in.


This time of year is mostly about enjoying the flowers. I am done planting new things, although I always have ideas for new projects; right now I just jot notes about those, since it’s too hot to plant and I’ve spent my budget for the season. Most of my garden time is simple, pulling weeds, trimming off dead blossoms and cutting bouquets for my home and office. I try to walk different routes around my neighborhood to take in different blossoms and gardens. But my favorite activity is sitting on my front porch enjoying the colors!

Yellow Blanket Flower

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