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Roses Make a Home

Even though the calendar still says May, we are in the midst of a lovely rose season in Denver. While my Morden Sunrise rose is super-fragrant and probably my favorite in my yard, there’s nothing like old-fashioned red climbing roses to make any house, whether a humble dwelling or a mansion, seem inviting and homey. I have a red climbing rose in my back yard, one of the few plants that came with the house. But as I drive around town, I notice the flowers along the way.

There is a small group of mobile homes wedged into a neighborhood west of mine. I never would have noticed these homes between a warehouse district and a major highway, except that my husband’s softball team plays in the park across the street. I try to drive slowly along the homes because there are lots of children out playing. This weekend as I was driving by I noticed that several of the homes had huge cascades of red roses up against their graying aluminum siding. Judging from the size of the rose cascades and the condition of the homes, I am guessing that the roses have graced the area for decades. The roses were lush and beautiful and I was happy for this spot of beauty in a rather humble area. I tried to take a picture from the car, but it didn’t come out, and somehow I felt out-of-place and odd wanting a picture. I’m not sure why, except that there are only a couple of miles but several socioeconomic groups and likely language separating our homes. But I like to imagine that the residents of this neighborhood put a little bouquet of roses on their dinner table on Sunday evening, just like I do. And the spray of roses up against the weathered aluminum of the mobile homes reminded me that the appreciation of beauty is universal.

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