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Never Perfect

My philosophy of gardening is that it’s a process, not a destination. So I am always working on some section of my garden, and the whole garden will never be “done” or perfect. Because if it was done, then what would I do besides weed? This year, my attention has been focused on the front yard, particularly adding perennials along my new fence. I have made good progress on my project, but I still want to add a couple of rose bushes in the area that used to be honeysuckle, add a few annuals where the pansies will die back once it gets too hot, maybe fill in with some cosmos in another spot … like a I said, mostly done but never perfect.

However, I was poking around my back yard on Sunday enjoying the poppies, and I realized that all the attention on the front yard meant that my back yard was suffering from weedy neglect. The poppies look great, because they don’t require any care or effort. They actually look better from a distance, so the profusion of weeds around them is not visible. Regardless of the weeds, the view of poppies is a bright treat in May. I’ll try to catch up on the back yard next weekend, but I might have to declare this the year of my front yard, and settle for a medium level of effort and imperfection in the back yard.

I struggle with lowering my standards, probably because I get caught in the expectation trap. People know that I’m a gardener, so I feel like they expect my yard to be lovely and weed-free all the time, and it just isn’t possible. So part of my challenge is to enjoy my experience in the garden and not worry about what anyone else might expect from my garden – because it won’t ever be perfect, but it will always have something I can enjoy and appreciate.

We had lovely rain on our dry, dry earth this weekend. I was in the mountains Saturday and was appalled at the lack of snow, even on Berthoud Pass. After an extremely dry March and April in Denver, the water department is talking voluntary restrictions. So enjoy this rain and skip watering for a few days.

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