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Happy May Day – the flower variety

The tradition of May Day celebrations goes back to ancient times, as a celebration of spring. Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers, was celebrated during this spring festival. Other cultures had variations of May festivities.

As a child we made little flower cones to hang on the doorknobs of our neighbors – still a great tradition to build community and celebrate spring, but not one that is as common anymore. While I didn’t make any May baskets for my neighbors, I do think random giving people bouquets is a great way to share the joy of flowers and some encouragement. For many years I have made Easter baskets for friends and neighbors, but I was out-of-town for Easter week this year, so I took a break from my tradition. The island where my family has a vacation place has a “flower fairy” who leaves bouquets on front porches along with an encouraging note. A simple act of kindness can cheer up a day.

Maybe sometime this spring and summer I’ll randomly deliver some bouquets. Why not? I might not be able to solve all the problems of the world, but I can deliver some joy from my garden. A much better celebration of May Day than the broken windows from the May Day demonstrators in my hometown of Seattle.

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