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Gardening Gloves

I have a love/hate relationship with garden gloves. I know they protect my hands from prickles, splinters and the wear-and-tear of garden work, but often I go without gloves because I like the tactile nature of gardening and sometimes my fingers are the best way to grasp a weed root or pat a new plant into place. Yesterday when I was preparing a new planting area along my new fence, I put my gloves on for heavy digging, then took them off every time I was pulling old honeysuckle roots out of the soil. And since I was using an old pair of gloves with holes in every finger, I’m not sure the gloves protected my hands much anyway. Last night I kept putting on hand lotion to try to rejuvenate my hands, and my fingernails look worse than usual, even though I’m not a manicure-kind-of-gal. 

I bought a new pair of garden gloves today, ready for a new season of gardening. I won’t make any rash promises about wearing gloves more often, because I will still alternate between gloves and bare hands. Maybe if I at least start each day in the garden wearing my gloves, I’ll have some protection for my hands, at least until I pull them off to grip a stray weed.

My project for the week is new plantings along my fence. I am letting honeysuckle come back in one section, but am planting perennials in two other sections. My order of plants arrived this week, but I held off planting because of our forecast cold temperatures this weekend. Rather than planting, I did a little more garden clean-up and picked a big bouquet of lilacs. It looks like by mid-week I can plant. Of course, we can still get frost for another month, so I am just planting my perennials, not tender annuals. I’ll try to wear gloves for digging holes, but I’m pretty sure they will come off as I nestle the plants into their new homes.

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  1. * Holly says:

    I have the same love/hate relationship with gloves, and I usually don’t wear them at all and pay for it!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 1 month ago

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