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I have enjoyed adding lilies to my gardening repertoire in the past few years. I got started on lilies on impulse, seeing the display of spring bulbs in the grocery store as I was headed for the checkout stand. I bought 3 packs of 3 and started adding lilies around my patio. Then last year, I bought some more and decided to try them in pots. They did well and after the lilies died down, I added chrysanthemums to the pots for late summer/fall interest. Then I stuck the pots under the deck stairs for the winter and forgot about them until about 3 weeks ago. I pulled out the pots and realized that without any special treatment (my favorite gardening words) the bulbs had survived and were pushing up through a pile of leaves. It looks like they have also multiplied and are sending up more shoots this year than last year. Of course, too early to tell how they will bloom, but I’ve now decided that lilies in pots are a great way to brighten up my back stairs. While they do require water, they aren’t as thirsty as some flowers in pots and don’t require as much special attention as the dahlias I tried in pots a few years ago. Flowers that require multiple steps and special instructions are a lot of work for those of us who want beauty but don’t have full-time to devote to the effort. I’ll let you know how the lilies do this summer, but meanwhile, buy some bulbs and put them in the garden. I mix oriental lilies and asiatic lilies and have had good luck with both of them. If you bought an Easter lily for indoor enjoyment, you can also plant that outside in May when it is done blooming and it might rebloom.

The list of what is blooming now is too long to remember – because we have the April and May flowers all going now! Basket of gold, candytuft, tulips, some daffodils, creeping veronica, periwinkle, flowering cherry, flowering plum, pansies, mat daisy and lilacs are all in bloom in my yard right now. Last week I visited Washington DC with the intention of seeing cherry blossoms for the average peak days, but they were all gone. Instead I enjoyed dogwood, crabapples and azaleas, and of course, seeing my daughter. With the blooms early and warm weather, it’s tempting to think we can plant fragile annuals, but not yet. It’s still best to wait until after Mother’s Day to be safer. It is a good time to weed, as the weeds are also early – and I have dandelions blooming in the grass. I dug those out tonight to attempt to stop the seeds from spreading.

My experience with lilies reminds me that enjoyment in the garden is a combination of tried-and-true favorites and experimenting with new varieties and plants. So think of that as you plan your summer garden – include some old friends and stretch into some new areas.

Azaleas and Dogwood at National Arboretum, DC

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  1. * Karen Aalund says:

    I was a week too early for the Azalea Trail event in east Texas early March but got to enjoy some other beautiful flowers that I forgot the names of, lol. Carla, glad that you got to spend that time with your daughter.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 1 month ago

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