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Forsythia are a great shrub this time of year. The problem is, they are a rather mundane shrub for 49 weeks of the year. So in a small urban garden, where every plant has to earn its place, it is hard to devote enough space to forsythia. If I had an acre, I would probably have 4-5 forsythia along a fence line. But on my small lot, I have one to the right of my front porch, like an accent mark for a few glorious weeks in the spring. If you were to ask me about my favorite shrub, I probably would mention the Oregon Grape Holly, rather than forsythia, because it is a great shrub for many seasons of the year. But this week forsythia is my favorite, probably because the splash of color is so welcome after the brown and gray of winter. While the crocus are blooming, they are smaller and more subtle – the forsythia makes a bold statement. Walking around the neighborhood, you might not noticed most shrubs, but when forsythia are blooming, you notice each one – the bright yellow screams out for attention. Forsythia is the loud, fun, party friend in the garden, just a quick flash, then gone. But for those few glorious weeks, she brightens up the whole space.

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  1. * Elisa Morgan says:

    Party girl! Love it!

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