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We Made It!

This weekend definitely felt like spring and more warm weather is forecast for the week. Even though it is likely that we will have more snow and cold in the next month or two, a warm March weekend makes me exhale and celebrate that I made it through the winter. The feeling of spring is especially reinforced by the time change this weekend, so now I can enjoy gardening after work. The result of celebrating spring in the garden is that I will probably be sore tomorrow from raking, bending and digging. I uncovered emerging bulbs, trimmed back ornamental grasses and trimmed back some perennials. This year the thin layer of leaves I had left in the flower beds for winter mulch were matted to a  hard crust. Some of the bulbs were struggling to break through, so I had to gently release the leaves and clear them away so the shoots can grow.

One thing I love about this time of year is that I am always surprised by some bulbs coming up in a location I had forgotten about. I didn’t remember that I had planted more dwarf iris next to my front gate, and they are brightening the sidewalk with their graceful purple blooms right now.

My weekend work in the yard inspires me even though it’s too soon to do any planting.  I did enjoy sitting on my front porch  and feeling the warmth of the sun after I was done with my work. Some quiet moments of peace were exactly what I needed to celebrate a new season and the hope of spring. Along with pansies, crocuses and dwarf iris, I will have forsythia blooming in the next couple of days! Spring is here.

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