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I’ve been feeling guilty about not posting anything on this blog for the past month. February isn’t an active time in the garden, it has mostly been spent watching snow cover the garden and then melt off. Certainly there are buds thickening on the trees and green shoots poking up, but there hasn’t been anything to do in the garden other than pick up sticks. And that is an annoying task made necessary by the annoying winds we have had this winter. Last weekend I filled up the compost bin with sticks that had blown down in the yard.

Somehow February felt extra long this year, even longer than the leap year would indicate, not because of the unusual amount of snow, but because of the wind which seemed unending.

But as I dashed out to get the newspaper off the sidewalk this morning, and noticed that it wasn’t windy, I also noticed the first bulbs of spring blooming. Dwarf iris had unfurled their purple petals and greeted me on this first day of March. Perhaps they were blooming yesterday, but I didn’t see them. So today I celebrate a new day, a new month, and spring, the season of unfurling.


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  1. * Karen Aalund says:

    Carla, I love that thought – it’s a new day!

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 12 months ago

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