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As the calendar turns from January to February, it’s serious garden planning season. I have several catalogs on my reading stack and lots of emails from garden sources in my in-box. I took a few minutes to browse a catalog tonight and now I have 5 new projects I want to try in my garden, in addition to my “front garden” remodel that is phase two of the fence project. Oh, the possibilities are endless when I am inside on my couch dreaming about spring. Except I know myself and I know that if I pick 5 projects I will be very frustrated come July because they will either be half done or not completed to the quality I expect of myself. Even though it is painful to narrow my focus, I think I should focus on my new garden along the fence and leave the new potting bench, patio greenhouse, raised bed, and additional self-watering pots for another year or two. Actually the patio greenhouse is a long-shot, more likely in retirement than the next 10 years. When I am in a season of “could” and blue sky ideas, it is so tempting to think everything is possible.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating thinking small, but rather picking one goal worth working toward and focusing enough energy there to achieve the goal in a satisfying way. I still have another month of plotting and dreaming, and I might jot down a few ideas for a secondary project. However, right now my emphasis will be on sketching where the lavender and coneflowers should go, along with decisions about what else I might throw into the mix along the new fence.

It’s interesting that I often face this same dilemma in my work. Of all the possible new ideas, it’s very hard to have the discernment to pick one and the focus to go after that, within the realm of all the possibilities. But it is such an important next step, after the blue sky phase, in order to accomplish a goal. How do you focus? How do you feel about half-done projects? It’s great to have dreaming time, but as I move from dreaming to doing, I’m going to try to pick one project in the garden!

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  1. * Carol Kuykendall says:

    Love this blog! Good transition here to the application of focusing in on a single goal in life beyond the garden. Still need that reminder on the last day of the first month of the New Year.

    | Reply Posted 8 years ago

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