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Sometimes gardeners think about winter in the colder climates as something to be endured, not as an essential cycle in the growing season. But in order to have plants such as lilacs and peonies, some of the old-fashioned favorites in our area, we must have a cold season for the plant to go dormant. The same is true for many varieties of trees that do well in our climate. There is no spring and summer for these plants without a winter.

The winter season can be hard for gardeners who want to be outside creating. However, this dormant season is a great time for observing, reflecting, considering and planning the next creative and fruitful season. Even for highly creative people, there are ebbs and flows of seasons, perhaps even times of dormancy. Times when the creative process goes internal and is not visible – a season of rest, reflection, observation and internal growth. All in preparation for the next season of flourishing and showiness.

So enjoy the winter season and make note of the increasing light this month. And prepare yourself for your next season of productivity.

P.S. The crocuses that I am forcing indoors have 1″ shoots now. I’ll keep you posted on their progress.

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