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I first wrote about frost nearly a month ago, but in the intervening weeks we have had hot, warm, cold but not yet frost at my house. There is an inevitability of the coming of frost – when it comes too early and surprises the fully blooming flowers, we regret what was lost in the growing season. But as the warm days have spread into warm weeks, it is time for the frost and for us to move onto the next season. The blossoms of the last few weeks are borrowed from summer and all the more beautiful for their fleeting nature, knowing that any day they can be frozen and die. Last week as I was walking around the neighborhood, I was struck by the sculptured look of dahlias against a rock wall.

Dahlias in October

The combination of the last blossoms of the gardens and the variety of the leaves makes autumn a last burst of color before the inevitable browns and grays of winter frost. The artistic nature of the seasons and the qualities of each are well expressed in this poem by Stanley Horowitz:

Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all.  

Enjoy each color of the mosaic this season and don’t fear the inevitability of frost, because after the frost, we can plant bulbs, observe the stark etchings of winter and plan for the watercolor of spring.

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