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Mountain Beauty

With spectacular sunny Colorado fall weather, rather than working in our own garden yesterday, we headed for the hills, along with thousands of other Coloradans, to take in the beauty of the changing seasons, particularly the aspen trees. At one pull-out spot where we were taking pictures, we chatted with the man next to us, wondering if this was the best year ever for the aspen … without rain, snow and wind to knock off the leaves.

In addition to enjoying aspen, we stopped at the Betty Ford Alpine Garden in Vail. We walked quietly by a wedding on the lawn and strolled through the rock gardens that climb the hillside. Most of the flowers are done blooming, but some of the shrubbery was outstanding. A maple shrub (I couldn’t see the tag with the name) was amazing next to the rocks.

Maple Shrub

And tucked in a wooded area near the amphitheater, there was a hawthorn shrub (I am guessing) covered in berries.

Berries for Birds

These shrubs reminded me of the importance of selecting shrubs for all seasons in the garden, including those with foliage color and berries. Yesterday morning the hawthorn tree in my own front yard was a-twitter with small birds fighting over the fruit. I told them there was enough for everyone, but I’m not sure they believed me.

Fall is a time to plant shrubs and trees, along with perennials, if you remember to water them periodically during the winter. But it’s also a time to take a break from your own garden and enjoy the natural beauty around you.

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  1. * Beth K. Vogt says:

    Thanks for sharing the glimpses of beauty, Carla.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 7 months ago

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