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Perfect day for fall planting

I started the morning doing a major weeding of my front parking strip. Since I don’t water much out there, and it is very sunny, I get behind on weeding during the hot summer months. But since we had nice rain this week, the ground was soft and I could get the weeds up to try to minimize weed seeds in this area over the winter. After filling a large compost bin with weeds, I moved on to the fun of the day, fall planting.

I have been rehabbing a flower bed on the south side of my yard – an area that is very sunny and doesn’t get much water, because it’s on the edge of my sprinkler range. I had groundcover and penstemons there, but after 5-6 years, they were looking a bit peaked and the groundcover wasn’t blooming much. So over the past few weeks I have been cleaning out the area and thinking about what to plant next. I decided on daylilies and coreopsis. Since the next section over in my garden has lots of pinks and blues, I wanted to stick to yellows in this section. I had been tempted at the nursery by a variety of pink coreopsis. I love to try new varieties, but I decided old reliable would be best for this section, so I went for the regular yellow coreopsis. I also wanted a variety that wasn’t too tall, since I have too many perennials that flop over in the rain. Perennials are on sale now and the coreopsis looked healthy, so I bought them and added them to the daylilies that I planted last week. In October I will carefully put some daffodil bulbs around the daylilies, since as the daffodil foliage dies down the daylily foliage grows up. I’ll show pictures of how the area fills in next spring/summer.¬†Perennials planted in the fall will have better blooms their first year than spring plantings.

Coreopsis and Daylilies

I finished off my planting today with pansies along the front walk.

Pansies will bloom for the next month or more and then during warm spells in the winter.

Then, just as I finished planting, it started raining, so I could sit on my porch and watch the gentle rain water my plants. Great timing and a great time of year to garden and to be outside.

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