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Just a normal Sunday

It’s perfect Colorado fall weather this weekend – perfect for normal fall weekend projects … taking care of pesky weeds, trimming back perennials that are done blooming, admiring the daylilies I planted last weekend and plotting where to plant more bulbs in October.

It’s a normal sunny Colorado Sunday with an undercurrent and memory of great pain. My daughter wrote in her blog about normalcy and the surprise of how normal the dailiness of the soup kitchen at the border is, even in the face of devastated lives and broken dreams. I guess normal is a way of living that acknowledges and incorporates joy and pain, discovery and disappointment, celebration and sadness, all as layers of what define us.

Normal in the garden is that fall follows summer, and even in the season of dying back, we plant bulbs because we hope for spring.

Sandy Dahl, widow of flight 93 pilot Jason Dahl, shared about a layer of her healing on today’s Denver Post interview:

Six months after the attacks, Sandy was dragging the trash to the curb when she glanced up and stopped. New life – the first buds of daffodils Jason had secretly planted the previous summer along the driveway – was emerging.

Last spring in my garden

So today I will plan and plant, trim and weed, listen to the bells from the carillon at DU and go to church and take communion, because these layers of normal life are meant to be lived in community.

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