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Fall Wardrobe in the Garden

In the same way that I am eager to put away my summer clothes, I am looking forward to fall flowers and fall garden projects. I dumped the petunias from my pot on the front porch and put in pansies and mums, along with some dusty miller that I dug out of the garden. Changing out my pots is like putting away the white jacket and pulling out a fall brown jacket, enough summer, time for fall! I also added a couple more mums to the ones I already have budding in the garden. I think I’ll wait a few weeks for pansies, to make sure it is really cooler. Two mornings in a row with fresh cool air give hope that our hot summer is transitioning into the cooler air of fall. And even though I used 7,000 gallons of water in August (probably about 5k on landscaping), my yard is looking dry and wilted from the long stretch of hot weather.

Other than new pots and seasonal flowers like mums and pansies, I am doing some garden rehab projects this fall. Perennials are on sale  – I got some great daylilies for half off at City Floral on Saturday. I cleaned out a weedy perennial bed that had seen diminished blooms the last few years so I can establish some new daylilies in this sunny part of the yard. I probably won’t plant the daylilies until next weekend as I want to make sure I’ve gotten all the weed roots out of the area.

Meanwhile, the extra time in the 3-day weekend meant that I could do the last thing on my summer bucket list – go to the Annual Test Gardens at CSU in Fort Collins. My husband agreed to a road trip on Saturday and the flowers were amazing. The masses of colors were spectacular – I’ve included just a few samples in the pictures. It did give me some ideas for a small annual section I want to do in the front of my house next summer. We also did some people-watching as it was a bicycle and beer festival in town.

Zinnias look much better than my garden

Petunias - wow!

And I still have one more day left in the weekend – to sip ice tea and enjoy the garden, or do some more projects!

Great spot for a picnic or a stroll

Garden highlighting last year's winners

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