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As I was watering the plants and flowers around my patio this morning, I noticed that my miniature roses are going to have a second blooming this year. Some years they only bloom once in June, but this year the conditions of moisture and sun have been more favorable for flowers, so I am getting an extra treat out of these delicate-looking but hardy rose bushes that are only about 7″ tall. Some other perennials are putting out new blooms, including the salvia and penstemon.

I have been pondering the concept of second bloom all day long. As I drove to work, I reflected on that fact that at 52 years old, I am most certainly (or almost certainly) in the second half of my physical life. In a reproductive, or “flowering” sense, my season of bloom is past. And yet in terms of the layers of skills, character and soul, my persona, I hope and expect to have many more productive years of contributing and flowering in a variety of ways. Some of my friends who are a few years ahead of me into this season have reflected that their most productive contributions have been in the re-blooming phase, after the demands of family have lessened.

Miniature roses on second bloom

Such reflections make me curious about the nature of my future blossoms … something to ponder as the seasons change. The past few mornings and evenings, the air has been cooler and fall is just around the corner. The seasons change, and there are changes in the nature of productivity in our lives. I have had a distinct sense this summer of a boldness in my spirit, a desire to not be fearful of the next season, but to embrace and explore. Which areas will re-bloom and which will become dormant?

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  1. * Elisa Morgan says:

    Yes! Here’s to surprise second blooms!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 6 months ago

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