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This is the time of year for garden tours. The one in our neighborhood was this past Saturday, but next Saturday you can take in the Park Hill Garden Tour (June 25). Whether or not you take an official tour, or just stroll around your own neighborhood or a different neighborhood, make a point of walking slowly and soaking in the beauty of summer. Take time to notice what you are seeing. It might sound obvious, but sometimes I find I walk without really noticing anything. Yesterday evening I walked to the dry cleaners and Whole Foods, rather than driving. I varied my route so I could take in different gardens on my walk. I noticed a fence on Clarkson street that I liked. The house had a cottage-garden look that is somewhat similar to mine, so I was interested in how the fence worked together with the garden. At another garden, I noticed that they had interesting plants in bloom, but there was only one of each specimen. There is nothing wrong with this kind of variety, but my preference is a grouping of the same plants (5-7) to create a visual impact. Sometimes while I am walking around I will snap a picture of a garden feature that I like or a plant that I want to investigate or try out. That’s what I love about camera phones, they make taking garden “notes” simple!

Another fun place to stroll around are public spaces with gardens. Cherry Creek North (area north of 1st Avenue and East of University in Denver) has great gardens on each corner. They are not the average petunia infill that most shopping districts use. Definitely worth a stroll. College campuses also provide great landscapes and gardens. I noticed this weekend that the rose garden in the courtyard of the alumni center at DU is in full bloom. The courtyard provides a peaceful spot to sit on a bench and gaze at the roses. (On the south side of Asbury Ave, 2 blocks west of University). If you go to this area on select Wednesday nights this summer you can also hear a carillon concert from the Ritchie Center bell tower. (The Ritchie Center is the gold-plated “temple of sport” that is visible from I-25 at University). The concerts are at 7 pm June 22 (tomorrow), July 6, July 20, August 3 and August 17. Take a chair or a blanket and enjoy beautiful music and flowers.

There is still work to be done in the garden. Deadheading, weeding, staking up plants … but most of June is for enjoying. So whether your travels are around Denver, or further afield, check out the gardens and soak in inspiration.

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