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Pick Up Sticks

Along with enjoying the June blooms in the garden this weekend, I will be playing “pick up sticks.” The winds and storms of the week have left my yard littered with twigs and a few larger branches. I am thankful there was no hail in my neighborhood. If you did get hail, trim back the affected plants, water and fertilize and hopefully they will bloom again. One reason lavender, salvia and penstemon are so good for Colorado is that their spiky flowers aren’t as susceptible to hail damage as blooms with large petals.

Part of the enjoyment of June is that fact that all the work done in April and May is now showing forth in beauty. So other than picking up sticks and a little trimming and weeding, my main goal this weekend is to enjoy the flowers.

I am reading a book, The Good and Beautiful God (James Bryan Smith) and in the section on nature and creation, Smith says:

Creation speaks of the goodness and glory of God through dazzling colors and intoxicating scents. The sunrises and sunsets are grand spectacles that happen twice each day and are seldom noticed by people too busy to look. God could have made an ugly world; he was not obligated to make a world that inspires awe. Beauty has a lot to do with order. Simply gazing at a daisy reveals the mind of God.

A few pictures of the flowers I am enjoying this week:

Roses at their peak a few days ago

Miniature roses and twigs from wind

Lavender coming into bloom

Penstemon varieties

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  1. * Elisa Morgan says:

    Love this visual of “Pick Up Sticks!” Thanks for giving fun words to a maintenance task.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 8 months ago

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