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Now in the garden

One of the great things about being a gardener is the planning and anticipation aspect. Bulbs are planted in the fall to enjoy in the spring. All winter we can plan and sketch and dream.  Seeds are sown in the spring to enjoy in the summer. A quote I read in a garden gift shop said, “One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it provides.” (W.E. Jones – I have no idea who he/she is.)

I did some anticipating earlier this week as I sowed seeds on Tuesday night. I knew the forecast was for rain, so I planted some cosmos seed and also a packet of “pollinator” flowers that my daughter got for free at Denver Botanic Gardens. I also planted some black-eyed susan seeds that I received in a paper card from a printer. Planting seeds is definitely an act of anticipation. Seeds are rough in Colorado, as it is hard to keep them moist for a week or two to germinate and sprout. The last few days have helped with the moisture part. But seeds also are difficult because of our short growing season. I’m pretty sure the cosmos will be fine, as I’ve had good luck with them in the past. I’ll let you know about the other seeds.

While seeds are future looking, planting annuals is a great punch of color right now. I took off a couple of days this week, and yesterday while the cold rain was falling, I enjoyed walking around the huge greenhouse at Paulino’s and picking out a few annuals to fill in. My garden is mostly perennials, but I plant a few zinnias for cutting and nicotania and wave petunias to fill in some spaces around my patio and front walk. I also bought a couple of cherry tomato plants. Because the plants were accustomed to the warm greenhouses, I am waiting a couple of days before planting them. They stayed close to my house on the back porch last night to be somewhat protected from the night air (it was chilly!). I will plant them Saturday or Sunday, when it gets a little warmer and when they have had a couple of days to get used to life outside the greenhouse. I enjoy the spots of annual color, along with the perennials and bulbs that are blooming right now.

Dusty Miller and Lobelia at the garden store

Gardening is a wonderful blend of anticipation and enjoying the now. Life is like that too – if we can find a balance between celebrating each day and looking forward to days to come. Spring is a wonderful time of now in the garden, and I know there are more blooms coming soon as I examine the rose bushes with buds swelling. It is a season of beauty and possibility.

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