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Celebrating Expanses of Flowers

Happy Mother’s Day from my front porch. Today is a day to enjoy gardens, not to work on them. I started my Mother’s Day weekend enjoying the flowers in the Morton Arboretum in Chicago. I was in Chicago for a work conference which ended Friday, so I spent several lovely hours on Saturday enjoying the expanse of flowers and trees. Even though the weather was cloudy, gray and threatening rain, I enjoyed the flowers.

A glimpse of Daffodil Glade, Morton Arboretum, Chicago

The formal planting included amazing masses of tulips, but my favorite section was the thousands of naturalized daffodils cascading down a hillside in the Daffodil Glade. As an amateur photographer, it was hard to capture the expansiveness of the array of flowers. Perhaps if I’d climbed a tree and taken a panorama shot I could have shown the effect.

The other woodland scene that captivated me was an expanse of blue flowers in a wooded meadow next to a pond. I was not familiar with these flowers, but they are identified as Virginia Bluebells on the arboretum website. I imagine that my own mother would have enjoyed these in her childhood in Virginia.

The expanse of thousands of flowers is so compelling and only possible in a large estate or public place. Those of us with small gardens can plan masses of one species in various sections, but a “mass” for me is 7-9 plants, not 7,000! My biggest “field” of flowers are my poppies which have filled in a space of about 8′ by 5′ in the back garden. While I love my little urban garden, a day strolling through meadows of flowers was definitely good for my soul.

Bluebell Meadow

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