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Weeding this weekend

One of my readers asked me what I am doing in my garden this weekend, so I thought it might be a good idea to post on Friday to help people with planning, rather than later in the weekend, after I’ve done my projects.

Weeding is my main emphasis this weekend. I have a section of my flower bed that has a weed problem. I’m including a picture for “truth in gardening” – so you won’t think I just take pics of the perfect sections.

Time to clean out weeds for new perennial bed

In the past I’ve had annuals in that section, mostly cosmos, and the cosmos have grown taller than the weeds most of the time. But I want to plant perennials in this section, and I actually have some plants ordered (lavender, penstemon and agastache) which are all good for bees and butterflies. But before I plant new perennials, I want to dig deep down and get the roots of all these weeds. This is especially important for a perennial bed, because once the plants are established, I can’t turn over all the soil and go deep for the roots of the weeds. But even with an annual flower garden or vegetable garden, some attention to weeds early in the season (NOW) will help later. I know I’ll still have weeding to do later, but I want to give my plants the best chance for success. Also, I get less excited about weeding as the temperature rises.

Since I’ve had cosmos in this section for several years, I will probably get some cosmos volunteers from the seeds, which I will leave to grow around the perennials, unless they sprout in the very front of the bed (cosmos are tall, but a great cutting flower — it’s too early to plant them).

I’m also enjoying the blooms right now – more varieties of daffodils, hyacinths, tulips, pansies, alyssum (basket of gold) and my flowering plum tree. I’m not enjoying dandelions blooming in my lawn, I’ll be out with my dandelion digger. I don’t spray them, although I am tempted; I just don’t want to put poison on my lawn. Enjoy the fresh air! It’s good for your soul.

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