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Great weekend in the garden

It was the perfect temperature for garden clean-up this weekend in Denver. I trimmed back the old, dead stalks on many perennials and removed leaves from the flower beds. While we rake leaves off the lawn throughout the fall, we leave some in the flower beds to protect the plants over the winter. With bulbs pushing up and new growth coming on perennials, the leaves need to go so they don’t suffocate the plants. Hmmm — sounds sort of like parenting, some protection is good for our kids, too much suffocates. Protection for a season.

The first batch of bulbs are in full bloom — crocuses and dwarf iris.

Crocuses in parking strip

I also noticed that the shoots for some of the daffodil and tulip varieties are coming up — I’m looking forward to their blooms in the coming weeks. Most of the varieties I planted are short, so if we get a spring snow, they are less likely to break.

It was also a good weekend to assess the garden. Our dry winter may have killed off some perennials, there was definitely some winter-kill to trim off the candy tuft. Other damage will become evident as spring progresses. I did water the areas I had cleaned up, and then was happy to get up this morning to damp ground from an overnight shower. Snow is more common than rain this time of year, but the moisture was definitely welcome.

Dwarf Iris

After cleaning up the garden, I sat on the front porch to think about garden projects for this year. I am wondering if it is the year of the fence. We have a chain-link fence around the front yard (from previous owners) — while I’ve tried to cover it with honeysuckle and roses, it is still an ugly fence. I’m pondering either a wooden picket fence or a vinyl fence.  Also wondering if it is too big of a project to do ourselves. While I wouldn’t mind contracting it out, I would like the fence to be installed with minimal garden damage, and I’m guessing we would be more careful than a contractor in that regard.

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  1. * Beth Vogt says:

    Christa pointed out to me that our daffodils are sprouting–the leaves peeking out. She and Rob planted all the daffodils in our yard for me because they’re my favorite.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 11 months ago

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