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Beauty and Contrasts

On my trip to the Puget Sound area last weekend (Washington State), I was on a hunt for signs of spring. What I found was that beauty often transcended the formal definition of a garden.

The first daffodils that I spotted were planted in a wooded area, not a tended garden. I suspect that the homeowner across the road had planted them, but finding them in the midst of trees and ferns and leaves rotting into mulch was a natural treat.

Daffodils in the woods

They didn’t look out of place, but were somewhat unexpected. They also reminded me that bulbs are not terribly picky about their surroundings and will grow wherever they are given a chance.

The next patch of daffodils I spotted were in a tended garden space in the city.

Lovely display of daffodils

One view of the flowers shows a great spread of color, but the picture is all in the cropping, as another view reveals that the garden is at the base of a power tower and is a contrast to rather industrial surroundings.

City Oasis

What I couldn’t capture on still pictures was the overpowering sound of the freeway above, as this garden is right next to the I-5 bridge in Seattle, on the north edge of Lake Union. An oasis of beauty and a reminder of the power of a few bulbs to change their surroundings.

As you watch for bulbs this spring, remember that there is power in beauty and in small acts of kindness.

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  1. * Beth Vogt says:

    … there is power in beauty and in small acts of kindness.
    Now there’s a thought worth pondering.
    Daffodils are my favorite flower. When my daughter, Katie Beth, was young, she could never remember and always said my favorite flowers were dandelions.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 2 months ago

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