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Gardening moves from inside to outside

Yeah! I’ve made it from winter to spring. This winter I’ve enjoyed some indoor blooms. The amaryllis that I planted on New Year’s Day was perfect for February, blooming before Valentine’s Day and continuing on for several weeks with three lovely, red tropical-looking blooms. In addition, the cyclamen that I am plant-sitting for a friend recently started to bloom.

Yesterday I poked around the garden and lifted up a few leaves in the spots where I remember there are crocus bulbs. I was rewarded with the first little lavender crocus just starting to bloom. I carefully pulled away more leaves and with the forecast for warmth this week, I expect to see more bulbs blossoming from now through spring.

1st crocus!

I love this season of moving from brown and dead-looking to new flowers, green emerging and the hope of new growth and warmth. This season coincides with the most important events in the Christian calendar. Lent starts next week, marking the days preceding Easter, the ultimate celebration of new life.

It is customary during Lent to give up something, as a time of sacrifice. My daughter, who attends a Jesuit university, is becoming more familiar with liturgical practices. Rather than giving up something, which may be seen as a negative, she has decided to add a positive practice to her life in these days leading up to Easter. Her positive is writing a note (on a card, not electronically) to someone each day. What a great way to spread positive encouragement during this season! Not sure I will do that, but it does give me ideas for having a positive impact on those around me in this season of growth and life.

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