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The ground is covered with snow and the radar indicates it will start snowing again any minute at my house. Just the kind of February evening where an avid gardener might look through the new plant catalog that just came in the mail, or sketch out ideas for a new herb garden to plant in a few months. But tonight I’m more into escapism than productive garden thinking. I’d rather surf about a potential trip to Hawaii or some other tropical garden paradise. Even if I don’t actually go on the trip, the pictures of the gardens sure beat the sound of wind outside my den window.

For example, I can look at the photo gallery of the World Botanic Gardens near Hilo, Hawaii. The sights and smells of the gardens and the warm tropical breeze are lovely to imagine. Until the wind outside my window brings me back to winter in Colorado. I have little reason to complain; other parts of the country have had far worse weather than Denver this winter.

Escapism is so tempting, and yet it really doesn’t satisfy my soul. Looking at pictures of Hawaii and imagining myself walking through the garden is a poor substitute for the actual experience. So perhaps rather than dream about a trip to some other garden, or wish away the winter in my own garden, I should try to rest and find contentment in the current season. Today in my garden is fairly bleak, but on my kitchen counter the Amaryllis is blooming with large tropical-looking abandon. It is the time for winter, for rest in the garden, for appreciation of the few spots of color. The wise King Solomon said, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

Winter is the time for my garden to rest under a blanket of snow, and I can find contentment in this season. Time for me to go rest under a down comforter.

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