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Lavender: A Multi-tasking Plant

We still have a few months of just thinking about gardening, rather than actually gardening. This time of year is a chance to plan and think about plants that deserve a spot in your garden. I have 3 large healthy lavender plants in my back yard and I planted a couple more last year in a different section of the garden. I was reminded of my lavender a few weeks ago as I packed away Christmas decorations and pulled out a large vase of dried lavender to put on the dining room table.

Dry Lavender in a vase

Lavender is lovely along a walkway, where you can brush up against the plant and flowers and release the scent. It is also great for sharing with neighbors freshly cut or dried. While there are lots of different ways to dry flowers, I simply cut bouquets and put them in dry vases. The dried flowers usually last a year or two. The flower heads can be put in sachets or bath salts. My niece gave me some bath salts with lavender which made for lovely, soothing and fragrant soaks.

It does take some patience to grow lavender. While the plant does well in Colorado’s dry sunny climate, the plants take a couple of years to get established. Look around your garden for a sunny spot where you can plant several clumps of lavender. Before you know it spring planting will be here and you will want to have a good list of new plants to try.

Think of winter in the garden as a fertile time for your gardening dreams and imagination, rather than just a dead time. And now that January is slipping away, I am anticipating the first crocuses and snowdrops emerging in just a few weeks! Let me know when you see your first bulb!

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  1. * Karen says:

    Your lavender is lovely – you’ve encouraged me to plant some in my new garden this spring!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 4 months ago

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