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Light and Shadows

On this, the shortest day of the year, notice the shadows and the way light and dark interact in your garden. Some sections are completely in shade all day long, and other parts receive the long, low-angled rays of sunshine. The path of the sun in the yard would be even more obvious if we received some snow, as the melting snow often perfectly mirrors the light patterns in the yard. Even the angle of my back fence is echoed in the lawn as snow melts from the sun, but is preserved in the shade.

Unfortunately, so far this year, we haven’t had snow in Denver. Even on this shortest day of the year, if it gets warm mid-day, it would be a great time to water pansies, perennials, shrubs and trees.

There is some irony in the fact that our seasons are marked by this day of little light. Winter starts officially today, but as we move from the day of winter solstice, to enjoying a little more light each day, we keep moving toward spring. Today in Denver we will enjoy 9 hours, 21 minutes and 22 seconds of daylight. A month from today, we will have 9 hours, 50 minutes and 7 seconds of daylight. And when we arrive on the first day of spring, we will enjoy 12 hours, 8 minutes and 1 second of sunshine.

Enjoy the light today, on the shortest day. And enjoy the light of Christmas this week, when we celebrate that Jesus came as the light of the world.

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