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Deep Watering

Flying in and out of Denver this time of year, the brownness of our landscape is unmistakable. We are truly a high desert and our dry, dry fall reminds us of how precious water is and how fragile life in this climate can be. When we were experiencing near-record temperatures in late October and early November, the records we were approaching were dust bowl records. As city people, we are somewhat removed from the vagaries of water, until our utility company starts a tiered rate structure or rationing.

Last week I was in Kansas City and one day it rained and rained and rained – a deep, soaking rain (the kind we don’t get here very often, even tonight when our streets are wet – they will be dusty tomorrow!). I also crossed the Missouri River a couple of times as I drove about town. An enormous amount of water flows through the Missouri; it makes the Platte look like a trickle.

Why this emphasis on water? Because I believe that unless we experience deep watering of our souls, we get brittle and break. We can’t stretch with the changes that happen around us when we are dry; we don’t have the resilience of a well-watered limb.

In gardening, experts in this climate advise a deep watering of trees and shrubs at least once a month in the winter. I would contend that for us as humans to retain our flexibility, we need to do that kind of deep watering in our souls … on a regular basis. Perhaps deep once a month, weekly for Sabbath and some daily sip as well. Not to get legalistic, but just realistic. Our physical world requires this amount of watering, so perhaps our souls mirror the physical in that respect.

This blog was shared with other women at a “FullFill Fountain.” FullFill is a community of women who live out their influence. You can find out more about FullFill at www.FullFill.org. I am an advisor for FullFill and previous editor of the FullFill magazine.

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