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11-1/2 dozen bulbs later

My leg muscles are a little sore today. I planted 11-1/2 dozen bulbs on Saturday. I was trying to pace myself, but when I got to about 8 dozen bulbs, I decided to keep going and just finish them all on Saturday. Then I did some lap swimming on Sunday to stretch out my body in a different way. It seems a little extreme right now, but next spring, I’m sure I will be happy I planted so many!

Why so many bulbs? And why not 12 dozen just to make it even? As I was ordering bulbs several months ago, I didn’t really think through how many I was ordering. I was thinking in terms of “bouquets” of bulbs. Since each clump may include 1-2 dozen bulbs, it just turned out to be that many.  These bulbs join at least that many bulbs already in my yard. But even though my yard is small, there are some new areas that I have planted with bulbs.

A “just for me” area of bulbs is next to our back driveway, near our alley. This bouquet of 3 dozen pink, white and variegated tulips won’t be visible from the patio or the backyard, because of a retaining wall. But it will be visible to me every time I pull into the driveway.  The tulips join a flowering plum tree next to the driveway. This area also holds our compost and recycling bin, so it is a very utilitarian space. But beauty can join utility, and I decided that planting something just for me is as good a reason as any.  Often as a woman and a mom, I spend a lot of time doing things for other people — nothing wrong with that — as I care deeply for the other people in my life. However, it is also fair for me to invest some in myself and beauty to meet my needs.

3 dozen tulips planted in this area -- can't wait to see them!

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