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Welcome to Fall

Fall started yesterday with a lovely full moon and a nice cool evening. Fall marks a transition in the garden. While the leaves and fall flowers may have splendid colors, the change in seasons marks an ending of sorts. As we plant bulbs in the fall, we take lifeless-looking forms and put them in the ground in faith that spring will come with new life.

Last weekend we enjoyed the aspen trees in the Colorado mountains, the golden colors were amazing. 

Near Sylvan Lake, Colorado

Thinking of autumn reminds me of my friend Henri Nouwen’s thoughts on the season:

“The autumn leaves can dazzle us with their magnificent colors: deep red, purple, yellow, gold, bronze, in countless variations and combinations. Then, shortly after having shown their unspeakable beauty, they fall to the ground and die. The barren trees remind us that winter is near. Likewise, the autumn of life has the potential to be very colourful: wisdom, humour, care, patience, and joy may bloom splendidly just before we die. As we look at the barren trees and remember those who have died, let us be grateful for the beauty we saw in them and wait hopefully for a new spring.” from Eternal Seasons by Henri J.M. Nouwen

As I enjoy fall in my garden and hopefully wait for spring, I am planning for fall bulbs but also realize that it is too early to plant them — they do better if we wait until the first frost — perhaps mid-October to plant. I’ll update my list of favorites and some suggestions from my gardening friends this weekend.

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