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Color beyond flowers: fruit in the garden

This time of year the flowers are a bit faded, especially after our long dry spell. The buds are starting to open on the mums and some perennials and annuals are still keeping up appearances, but everything is looking peaked. So I walked around the garden tonight to see what color I could see and I realized that the berries and fruit in the garden are truly spectacular.

Hawthorn Tree

The hawthorn tree has a great covering of fruit now, and once the leaves fall, the fruit will provide winter interest. The oregon grape is covered with fruit this year — I was having trouble getting a good picture of one section because it was too windy out — but I captured the bush by the front walk. As the roses finish blooming, the rosehips provide subtle color and interest. Fruit from shrubs and trees are also a great attraction for birds in your yard.

Fall is a good time to plant trees and shrubs, so they can get rooted in during the cooler weather (hope it gets cooler soon). Just be sure to provide some water periodically throughout the fall and winter to protect your planting investment. To purchase trees and shrubs this time of year, I would avoid the big-box stores. Their nursery stock is pretty stressed and generally not as well-cared for as a specialty shop. Sadly, Arapahoe Acres nursery is going out of business, so you might find some bargains there.

Choosing to focus today on what is beautiful in the garden, not what is tired!

Oregon Grape

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