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The In-between Time

I started writing about seasonal changes yesterday and ditched the blog post because I was personally stuck. It is summer on the calendar for another full month, yet the air in the morning and evening feels cooler, the days are getting shorter and the hints of fall are everywhere. Yet in the garden, it’s a little too soon to start the fall chores of moving perennials and planting bulbs. I contemplated writing about capturing the last blast of summer and seizing the moments outside. And yet I also am eagerly anticipating the next season, as the summer flowers are looking a little dry and spent and I want to implement my fall plan for changing a few of my perennial beds. It is the in-between time in the garden.

What I realized is that my angst about blogging about this kind of season wasn’t really about the garden but about life. My soul likes neat-and-tidy beginnings and endings, but that’s not how life often unfolds for us. This is the interim season, the in-between-time, the temporary pause between one season and another. The challenge is to find contentment in my soul in the present, this time, the now, rather than stressing about what is past or wondering about what is to come.

These interim days in the garden can be rich ones of preparation and planning, along with watching for the joy in today. I can enjoy the color beginning to show in the autumn joy sedum and watch the unfolding of the buds of the chrysanthemums. (Perhaps I should take a hint from the name of the sedum, which includes the word “joy.”) I can prepare the soil for perennials that I will move in a few weeks, and peruse the bulb catalogs for new varieties to plant in fall and enjoy in spring. The interim in the garden can be a rewarding season, but I need to shift the perspective in my soul to fully enjoy, rather than longing for definite and bounded time and orderly transitions.

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  1. * Karen Aalund says:

    Thanks Carla! I totally needed this perspective today and in the coming in-between days. Karen
    ps – I hope that you will be giving some bulb recommendations as this will be my first year planting them. 🙂

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 6 months ago
    • I will be giving some bulb ideas in the next week or two. Yesterday I was going through a catalog thinking about what I want to order this fall. You can never have too many bulbs!

      | Reply Posted 9 years, 6 months ago
  2. * Mari Mayborn says:

    Carla, Your title jumped out from all the other emails in my inbox. The in-between times do leave us a little antsy, the ones in real life, anyway. With gardening, we know what tasks the next season brings. In life, when God calls us into a new season the actual “tasks” don’t seem so clear. In my in-between time, I’ve been reassured by Hebrews 11:8. Abraham didn’t know where he was going but he obeyed and went anyway. He kept his eyes ahead and trusted God would show him the steps.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 6 months ago

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